Webdesign and Development


Good web design gives your site credibility. It shows that you value your visitors enough to invest in its development. You won’t earn their trust unless they feel that your site is a serious undertaking with a long-term future. A professional-looking site may be your only chance to make a good impression. Speed: Your website needs to be fast to be effective. The Web is frustratingly slow at times, so our sites are designed for maximum effect with minimum waiting. If your site doesn’t appear on screen fast enough, your competitors are just a click away. Ease of use: Our sites are well organised, and easily navigated. Good design establishes an environment which is logical and does not confuse the visitor. We also try to make websites that are accessible to all visitors, including those with visual disabilities. A fast, well designed website is a good start. Next you need to think about what your site will do. Contact us today, for a free proposal


With so many competing images in today’s marketplace you need to ensure your company stands out from the crowd. Clearly communicated visuals across both printed and digital media is important in keeping your brand or service consistently represented to your target consumer. From pre-brief planning of your objectives through to concept and visualisation, artwork creation, production and fulfillment, post analysis and follow up – we will work with you to ensure a successful resolution to your marketing needs. Branding, Company ID, and Graphic Design: We provide a top notch company identity graphic design service producing world-class logos for the small (and not so small) business. Typically we will assign a graphic designer to produce up to 10 variations and from there narrow down your preferences. Marketing and Publicity Literature: Well designed, striking and above all attention grabbing marketing and publicity literature is key to attracting new customers. Our graphic design team has experience in most sectors, producing contemporary visuals that demand attention.


SoddenGecko.Com specialises in helping companies to become better by utilising technology. Encompassing services that are geared towards giving companies a solid and comprehensive Internet presence, as well as services aimed at making the presentation of information much more professional and insightful, allowing companies to leverage competitive advantage off of the end results. Website Design Services: The website design development services of SoddenGecko.Com include the creation of web sites that range between: Entry Level Websites : Online brochure type websites that act as a starting point for companies seeking to enter the Internet arena, or for those companies which have more limited needs. Although these websites are brochure type orientated the information is presented in a highly professional manner, interactivity is often incorporated and every opportunity is taken to maximize business opportunities with the end result often in our experience exceed customer expectations. Macromedia Flash Websites: Online animation is fast becoming the norm and SoddenGecko.Com are leaders within this field, both from an animation and technical perspective but also from a marketing / sales perspective. We leverage off of this experience to turn what would be just another great looking flash website in to one that actually works. Large scale Internet Applications: No matter how large or complex your project might appear the team at SoddenGecko.Com can often help bring your ideas to reality. From initial interview stages right the way through consultancy and planning stages to project modeling, development, customer profiling, evaluation and modification, SoddenGecko are one company that should be at the top of your shortlist. Other Services: SoddenGecko.Com offer numerous other services, ranging from the design of your companies print material through to the development of Power Point Presentation, Flash Presentations and such like. For instance we can take any existing Power Point Presentations that you may have and turn them in to Macromedia Flash presentations quickly and cost effectively. No matter what your information presentation needs, speak to SoddenGecko today.

"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them" – Isaac Asimov