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The Bubble Cafe

And now for something completely different.

I have lived in Cardiff for 5 years now, and this little shop around the corner from me has seen about 9 different estate agents over that time, they were either never open and/or disappeared after 6 months.

I usually refrain from writing about places close to home but I just have to mention the quaint little café that has replaced those “doomed from the start” estate agents. Finally the shop has a real purpose. The Bubble Cafe. In my opinion this little shop really needed to have something better on offer than a closed estate agents, and a café is just perfect.

The shop only has a small space to offer but these new guys have managed to squeeze in a variety of comfy chairs and sofas to relax in without actually feeling like you’re a sardine, which is always a good thing if you ask me. The atmosphere is a relaxed affair mixed with delicious decor of browns and reds which just add to the comfy cosy nature they were going for. Aside from all the good points my only issue is the music, we all know I hate pop trash and the radio so I tried to tune it out. As the majority of people like this pop shite I am sure the music is more than adequate for the customer base. Some nice easy listening music would be my preference, but we can’t all get what we want. Maybe some Cat Stevens would do the trick.

I have been a couple of times now, the first was just to grab a takeaway coffee which was damn tasty and hit the spot. While waiting for my coffee I tasted a free sample of the home made triple chocolate brownie. You know I bought one after that. tasty does not do it justice, the gooey chocolatey goodness will have you coming back for more all the time. The free samples seem to be on offer every day too so I have to force myself not to grab anymore or I could devour them all and end up fatter than i already am.

So today I decided to come round and actually have a sit down cup of tea and grab a BLT to go with it, as well as to write up the first draft of this post. Service was friendly and speedy, the sandwich was delicious and filled the gaping hole in my belly.

The staff all came across as friendly and eager to help you out, add this to the relaxed atmosphere and you really do have a coffee shop that reaches you on a personal level, and provides you with a better service than any of the big named coffee shops that are sprawled through Cardiff.

I highly recommend this place, even if you are just grabbing a takeout coffee. The prices will leave you with plenty of change in your pocket and a nice warm BLT (among a wide range of offerings) filled belly. Go there, drink, eat and say hi to the staff.

Check out the website and see what’s on offer for your munchable delights and thirst quenching drinks.

The Bubble Cafe

84 Monthermer Road, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 4QY

The Bubble Cafe - Front of House
The Bubble Cafe

Google Wave Invites

I finally have some Google Wave invites to send out. Those who really want an invite just need to comment on this post

Google have stated that the invites will not be sent immediately as they “have lots of stamps to lick” before the invites get sent out

The first 25 are guranteed to get an invite from me, it is up to google as to when the invite actually gets sent out.

Happy commenting.