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NASA and the last shuttle launch

I wathed the live take off of the last ever shuttle mission this afternoon. It took off around 16:30 UK time (or thereabouts) and was a sight to behold. It always amazes me how a machine that big and heavy can be thrust into space in less than 3 minutes. Even though I know the science behind the take off, I still sit in awe at the achievements mankind can make when we put our minds to it.

Having said all that, even here in the UK i felt a pang of regret as that shuttle took off, knowing it is the last ever launch. What have we come to when our exploration of space and knowledge comes to an end to favour a war we should not be fighting?

Sadly the Americans think it more prudent to spend NASAs yearly budget on a few days of war.

Heres to you NASA, and all that wish to travel through space in peace.