Enable iOS4.2.1 AirPrint on Windows OS

You should be aware that AirPrint, the wireless printing technology that has been introduced with the latest version of iOS, was originally intended to work over shared printers connected to Mac and Windows as well.

However, this functionality was scrapped in the public release. Consequently, AirPrint on iOS 4.2.1 only works over certain models of HP printers.

Nevertheless, if your workspace contains only a shared printer, the step-by-step instructions provided below will help you  to re-enable AirPrint on Windows 7:

  • You will need the latest version of iTunes on your Windows system. If you do not have it installed yet, download iTunes 10.1 before you proceed.
  • Click here to download the AirPrint files. Extract the zipped version to a folder named ‘AirPrint‘ on your desktop. This folder will contain three files – airprint.exe, libairprint.dll and Xpdfprint.dll
  • If you are on a 32-bit computer, move this folder from the desktop to "C:\Program Files\". Users on a 64-bit computer will have to instead move the folder to "C:\Program Files(x86)\"
  • From the desktop screen, go to Start -> Run and type CMD. Press the return key to continue
  • Enter the following commands in the command window that appears. Please Note : Enter the commands as-is. Remember to insert a space after the ‘=’ symbol.

32-bit Windows

  • sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files\AirPrint\airprint.exe -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto
  • sc.exe start AirPrint

64-bit Windows

  • sc.exe create AirPrint binPath= “C:\Program Files (x86)\AirPrint\airprint.exe -s” depend= “Bonjour Service” start= auto
  • sc.exe start AirPrint

  • The airprint.exe application will now be launched. If you are prompted by the Windows Firewall, choose to ‘Unblock‘ the application. If you do not get a prompt, you will have to do this manually, like I had to. Ask in the comments if you have trouble with this.
  • Configure the printer settings so that it is set to the Shared mode on both the printer settings as well as on the network settings. DOMAIN USERS – Set the security so that Everyone can at least print.
  • You will be prompted for the Admin username and password the first time you launch AirPrint from your iDevice. (open an email, click the arrow and select print to access the AirPrint settings) Enter the credentials to enable wireless printing. NOTE TO DOMAIN USERS– This is the local admin username and password of the machine, not the domain admin account.

You are done. You should be able to print from your iPhone via AirPrint to any printer connected to your Windows PC. Please let me know how it goes in the comments.

Xbox LIVE Update Preview!

So I just signed up for the Xbox LIVE Update Preview at connect.microsoft.com so I can get the new dashboard update early.

Not everyone will be granted access, but they are looking for a good few thousand people to test it. You could just be in luck.

You will be asked to answer a few questions, and the decision will be made as soon as you save the details.

Within 2 weeks you will have a shiny new dashboard.

Stay tuned for more updates as they come in. Not sure I can get screenshots directly from the 360 but i will try and get some

Broken Comments

It appears that the commenting system was broken. It has only just come to my attention after an upgrade pointed it out. It was an old plugin that I was using and it has now been deactivated until I can fix it.

Sorry to anyone who has tried posting a comment and it failed.

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